Dear Runners,

As we learn to adapt with the challenges presented by the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are all confronted with difficult decisions on a daily basis. In an effort to support the health and safety of our community, we have decided to shift the 2020 Colorado Marathon to a solely virtual race.

In its 19th year, the Colorado Marathon has always depended on community support and sponsorships. Those great relationships are what makes this decision even more difficult.

As fellow runners, we understand your disappointment and we empathize with your frustrations. You’ve trained hard over the past few months and we want your training to be worth it! We can still run – just not close to each other in large groups.

We deeply regret not being able to have the 19th annual Colorado Marathon in person, but we’re here to offer creative, alternative options for each and every runner.  Since the in-person event scheduled for May 3, 2020, has been canceled, each participant will be given a choice of four options listed below.  We know there are many pressing issues right now, and we want you to rest assured that we tried to keep your best interest in mind.

Each person’s situation is different, so we tried to think of options that would appeal to most runners while still enabling the race to support our charitable partners in future years. We also understand the uncertainty of the impacts of this virus, so we tried to be as accommodating as possible. Please carefully read the following four options:


You MUST SELECT ONE OPTION BEFORE 1 pm on March 30, 2020*. To select your option, please see the instructions after Option 4.

OPTION 1**: Virtual Race

Want to put all that hard training toward a race, with a bonus of saving money for 2021?!? Transfer to the Virtual Race – it’s FREE! You’ll receive all of the race swag that you would normally get: shirt, medal (for full, half, and relay) and koozie. The Virtual Race is to be run on your own – your choice of time, place, and date.  

Want to run the Virtual Race, but feel like you want to run a shorter distance?  We get it – running a marathon alone might not be your jam. That’s why we’re allowing all runners to transfer down (transfer to a lower-distance race) at no extra charge for the Virtual Race.

The Virtual Race must be completed and submitted by Sunday, May 3, 2020. Once all virtual racers have selected a Virtual Race distance, we will send you an email on April 1st with instructions on how to submit your time and options for receiving your swag. Your results will be posted to the official Colorado Marathon website.

As an added bonus, you’ll get $20 off your 2021 registration! After we accept your results, we’ll send you an email with a special $20 discount code to be used for the 2021 Colorado Marathon registration from May 15 – Jun 15, 2020!

OPTION 2: 2021 Deferment

If you’d like to run the race in 2021, you can defer your 2020 registration at no cost and then you’ll be signed up for the 2021 race.  However, with this option, you will not receive any 2020 race swag.

OPTION 3***: Have a portion of your 2020 registration donated to our various nonprofits and partners.

 Ready to make a difference for the organizations we team up with each year?!  Then apply $35 of your 2020 registration fee to the pool. $35 of the registration you’ve already paid will be donated directly to some of the organizations listed on our website here.  

OPTION 4: Partial Refund

Get a partial refund. Most races, including the Colorado Marathon, have a strict no-refund policy (see the waiver you signed when you registered). Given the circumstances and the impact of the coronavirus, we are making a one-time exception to give each registrant a 40% refund (refund applies to your registration price, inclusive of discount codes; excludes insurance, taxes, any prior race transfers and processing fees).  If you choose this option and have registered in the last 90 days, you’ll see a credit to your method of payment. If you registered more than 90 days ago, you’ll receive a check.

Please note that before choosing this option, all refunds will have an impact on the long-term viability of the race. We are no different than other races; expenses have already been paid and this will impact the future of the race. But we felt it’s best for the community to offer something to people who might need it during this uncertain time. We appreciate your consideration.

To select your option, please log in to our registration provider’s website here.

If you did not create an account during registration, you will need to enter your e-mail and click on the “No Password?” button to get a link sent to your email for setting up an account.

Once logged in, find the event “2020 Colorado Marathon” and click on the pencil icon in the Edit column on the right side (If you don’t see your registration, following the instructions on the bottom of the page).

Scroll down the page and answer the new question “Select race cancellation option“. Once you have made your selection you can then click the blue “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Note that you will NOT receive an additional confirmation e-mail (unless you choose the Virtual Race), but can verify your choice by logging in to the dashboard again.

* If you do not select an option by 1 pm on March 30, 2020, you acknowledge that the no-refund policy applies to your 2020 registration and you waive all rights to any and all options outlined above.

** Virtual Race results cannot be used as a qualifying time for any other race. Virtual Race results are not officially sanctioned by any athletic or running governing body.

*** Colorado Marathon will not issue a charitable receipt for any donations. Please consult with your tax accountant if you have questions.

***** Options 3 & 4 do not apply if you received a complimentary entry.

The only exceptions to the 2020 registration waiver are outlined in this email.  All other terms and conditions in the waiver remain in effect, and no further or future exceptions will apply.  

Registration insurance was available for runners to purchase during their Colorado Marathon registration and covers the following reasons listed here.  Registration insurance does not apply to race cancellations.  The registration insurance that was offered is from an independent company and that company is in no way affiliated with The Colorado Marathon.  The terms & conditions of the insurance are completely separate and unrelated to The Colorado Marathon.

Any questions about the insurance need to be directed to