2019 Colorado Marathon – One of the Top Colorado Half Marathons for 18 Years!

When the Colorado Marathon began 18 years ago, we had no idea it would become a longstanding tradition, let alone eventually host one of the best Colorado half marathons. For the last 18 years,we have hosted a half marathon alongside the marathon that also takes place in the beautiful Poudre Canyon. Our annual participants, as well as newcomers, have continued to help us make the Colorado Half Marathon a historical tradition!

The Colorado half marathon might be new to you. Perhaps you live nearby and were searching for “half marathons near me,” or you heard about the Colorado Half Marathon through friends. Either way, we’d like to tell you why our half marathon is one of the top Colorado half marathons out there:

The Course
We’re thrilled to say that the Colorado Half Marathon course begins in the Cache la Poudre River Canyon. Not only is it gorgeous, but the best part about this course is that it’s a gradual downhill grade the entire way!

Starting out at about 6,000 ft in the Poudre Canyon and ending in Old Town Fort Collins at about 5,000 ft, the decline of elevation is a major plus for any runner – especially those of you who are coming from out of town. We’ve had a lot of folks remark that they hit their best personal record during the Colorado half marathon due to the gentle downhill slope of the course.

The course takes place on well-marked roads, pathways, and trails. We will have eight aid stations set up throughout the half marathon course and a bus that will drop you off at the start of the race. Overall, the course of the Colorado half marathon is lovely and satisfying, which will make a huge difference to your running performance on race day!

The Views
While the logistics of the course are appealing, we know you’re going to absolutely love the views along the Colorado half marathon! The first two miles of your half marathon will be filled with views of Mother Nature, staggering canyon walls, and a winding river that will ease your racing mind.

After being blown away by the beauty that is the Poudre Canyon, you’ll drop down through the quaint towns of Bellevue and Laporte. Surrounded by fields of hay and rolling grassy hills with livestock, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a scene from Little House on the Prairie.

From there, you’ll run alongside the Poudre River while you follow the Poudre Trail into Old Town Fort Collins. All the while, with the sun shining down on you and friendly faces passing you by, you’ll wonder if you’ve died and gone to heaven on this gorgeous half marathon course.

The People
If you’ve never been to Colorado before, chances are you’ll be taken aback by the friendliness that greets you upon running our half marathon. We’ve had a handful of past participants reach out to tell us what an amazing vibe the Colorado half marathon has, with folks from all over the world coming together to run a race in one of the most beautiful spots in the country.

It’s highly likely that while on your Colorado half marathon journey, you’ll meet like-minded runners who will help motivate you through any difficulties you face. From the volunteers to the sponsors helping out at the aid stations, we know you’ll feel like a part of the Colorado half marathon community the moment you step on the bus.

Whether you’re trying out the Colorado half marathon for the first time or this is your 18th year running it, we know you’ll agree that it’s one of the best Colorado half marathons ever! We hope to see you on May 5th, 2019. Go ahead and commit to running this beautiful race and register for the half marathon today!