4 Tips for First-Time Marathon Runners

Are you training for your first marathon? Whether you’re running a full or half marathon, a 10k, or a 5k, it can be a challenging, yet exhilarating and rewarding experience. To help ensure your first race is as enjoyable (and as safe) as possible, here are four tips for first-time marathon runners to keep in mind while you’re preparing. And if you’re looking for one of the best races to run for your very first marathon, add the Colorado Marathon to your list! Learn more about one of Colorado’s favorite downhill races in Fort Collins, CO, and register today!

Start Early, Go Slow, and Train Smart

The most important tip is also the most obvious one — you need to start early and you need to train smart! You should begin training at least 2-3 months prior to the race so your body has enough time to adjust and adapt to the increased mileage. This is especially true for a downhill race like the Colorado Marathon. For many new runners, it can be tempting to jump right into intense training with long runs and high mileage weeks. Instead, gradually increase your distance over time so your body can properly adjust and build endurance without injury.

With this in mind, start by setting realistic goals that are attainable for your skill level and fitness level. When it comes to training for marathons in Colorado, consistency is key, especially due to the state’s high altitude and dry climate. And don’t forget about cross-training; find activities that complement running, build strength, and boost endurance, such as swimming, biking, or weightlifting.

Find Your Motivation

Everyone has different motivations when it comes to running (or any other physical activity). Maybe you want to stay healthy or set a personal best time. Maybe you’re running in honor of a friend or loved one. No matter what drives you, find something that keeps you motivated and excited about running every day as you train. Whether it’s listening to upbeat music or reciting a mantra before each run, stick with it to keep you going!

Set Achievable Goals  

When setting goals for any type of running event — marathon or otherwise — try not to set expectations too high or too low. It’s important to challenge yourself while still being realistic about what you’re capable of doing. If needed, break down goals into smaller chunks so they’re more achievable in the short term. On top of that, remember everyone runs at their own pace; don’t let anyone else dictate how fast (or slow) you need to go! 

Have Fun

Last but not least — have fun! While training for marathons certainly involves hard work and dedication, don’t forget — running should also be fun! Enjoy getting outside in nature while running through various terrains; listen to music that pumps up your energy levels; join a running group or run with a partner — whatever helps make running enjoyable for you will help set you up for success on race day!

Preparing for a marathon can seem intimidating at first but once you break down the process into manageable steps, it can feel a lot less daunting. Start early, train smart, and gradually increase your strength and endurance, and you’ll be in great shape to crush your first marathon come race day! Register today for this year’s Colorado Marathon full, half, 10k, or 5k, and start making memories while pushing towards personal milestones that will boost your health and your confidence. Good luck out there — we know you’ll do great!