Top 5 Reasons to Participate in This Year’s Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins

Looking for a way to challenge yourself and push your fitness boundaries this year? This year’s Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins might just be the perfect opportunity for you. Our friends at Kaiser Permanente share the top five reasons you should consider participating in this exciting event!

Marathoner at the Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins

#1- Rejuvenate Your Fitness Goals

Reignite your New Year’s resolutions or kick-start your fitness goals by signing up for any distance in the Colorado Marathon. Whether it’s to kick-start your fitness journey or recommit to a healthier lifestyle, this event provides a great incentive to stay active and maintain your well-being throughout the year.


#2 – Diverse Range of Distances

The Colorado Marathon offers various distances, catering to runners of all levels. With several different distances including a 5K, 10K, half-marathon (13.1 miles), and a full marathon (26.2 miles), there’s a run/race for everyone. What’s more, the Colorado Marathon is one of the most successful courses in producing qualifying performances for the Boston Marathon. In fact, the Colorado Marathon has qualified 16-18% of all Boston qualifier entrants each year, which is a higher percentage than any other marathon in the country.

The Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins has 4 distances
The Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins supports local businesses

#3 – Support the Local Economy and Enjoy Scenic Routes

By participating in the Colorado Marathon, you contribute to Northern Colorado’s economy and experience the picturesque landscapes and unique aspects along the race routes. Not only will you be supporting the economy and businesses in Northern Colorado, but you will also be able to enjoy this race’s many unique aspects. The Full and Half-Marathon courses are downhill courses that meander through the beautiful Poudre Canyon into the heart of Downtown Fort Collins.

#4 – Foster Camaraderie and Friendly Competition

The Colorado Marathon is perfect for fostering camaraderie and friendly competition among family, friends, and colleagues. Running together creates a fun and supportive environment, where you can cheer each other on and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Moreover, participating in the marathon allows you to connect with other runners who share your passion for running, health, and fitness. You may even form new friendships that will last beyond the race day.

Runners crossing the finish line in Downtown Fort Collins
Runners and volunteers at the Colorado Marathon

#5 – Volunteer Opportunities

Even if running is not your preference, you can still be a valuable part of the Colorado Marathon by volunteering. The event relies on a dedicated team of volunteers, and your support can make a significant difference. Visit the Colorado Marathon to explore volunteer opportunities and contribute to the success of this community event.

Sign Up for the Colorado Marathon for an Experience Like No Other!

Don’t miss this chance to challenge yourself, support the local community, and create lasting memories at this year’s Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins. Whether you’re aiming for a personal fitness milestone or seeking a new adventure, this scenic race offers a fulfilling experience for participants and volunteers alike. Embrace the spirit of fitness, camaraderie, and community by participating in this exciting event. Register today to save your spot in the race! For more self-care tips for runners and to explore health plans, visit Kaiser Permanente today!

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