There Are So Many Colorado Marathons – Tips to Choose The Best One For You

marathons near meThere are tons of marathons held each year in Colorado, and for good reason – Colorado is a beautiful place to be and an even more beautiful place to run! With so many Colorado marathons out there, how do you choose the best one for you? Good question!

While we happen to be partial to the Colorado Marathon, there are a few things you should consider when deciding which race (or races!) is right for you. 

Ready to make 2020 your year? Consider these things as you plan your race schedule:

What are your overall race goals?
You can weed out a lot of Colorado marathons by looking for races that will specifically help you meet your race goals. If you want to hit a PR, you might consider a race with an “easier” course – downhill, less turns, not as many inclines, and so forth. If you want a more challenging course, you might consider a marathon in the mountains. If you want to qualify for the Boston Marathon, you need to be sure to register for a marathon with a certified course (hint, hint – the Colorado Marathon is a Boston qualifier, and about 16-18% of all entrants qualify for Boston!).

Take a minute to really sit down and determine what your running goals are this year and look for races that will specifically help you reach said goals. You might even find that you’ll need to register for a few Colorado marathons to really rock your goals this year.

Where is the best place to travel for a race?
Entering a marathon is one of the best reasons we can think of to travel! There are so many wonderful marathons across the globe each year, and with so many Colorado marathons to choose from, why not travel someplace new and enjoy the scenery while you’re there?

Take the Colorado Marathon, for example. If you’ve never entered this race before – know this: it’s held right outside the amazing town of Fort Collins, where you can get a great post-run beer, enjoy the beautiful downtown area, and definitely find a good restaurant or two. You can also enjoy many scenic recreation areas, including Horsetooth Reservoir, Lory State Park, and so much more.

What size of race are you comfortable with?
Some people love to run in big crowds. Some people hate it. As you determine which race is best for you, get a good idea of what the size of the race will be like and determine whether that size fits your needs. While the Colorado Marathon is incredibly popular among runners, there’s still plenty of space to spread out and pace yourself without feeling confined.

What kind of racecourse do you prefer?
Another question to consider is what kind of racecourse you prefer running. Some people like flat and straight. Some people prefer scenic routes or downhill courses. Each race is unique, and you’ll want to consider factors such as altitude, location, running surface, and so forth. Find a racecourse that will help you have an enjoyable time AND help you meet your needs.

The Colorado Marathon is downhill, in the Poudre Canyon. Many runners prefer the scenic route and enjoy running on the paved road.

What’s your budget?
It’s no secret that marathon costs can vary widely. Some are rather affordable, and some can be downright outrageous. Find a marathon that fits within your race and travel budget.
Click here to see the Colorado Marathon pricing structure.

When do you like to run?
Considering factors like what season the race will be held in and what time the race will kick off is incredibly important, especially if you’re not a seasoned runner. Some people hate training in the winter, so spring races are off the list for them. Some people absolutely despise running later in the day, so races with a morning kickoff are the best choice for them. Knowing your best time of day and season for running and training will help you have the best experience and race time possible.

The Colorado Marathon will be held May 3rd, perfect for those who like a good spring run! 

So what’s your choice? Of the many Colorado marathons this year, which one is best for you? 

Many runners find the Colorado Marathon to be a great race! The downhill course offers fast runtimes, and the scenery – along the Cache la Poudre River – is hard to beat! If you’re ready to find a great race for you, the 2020 Colorado Marathon just might be the one!

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