Colorado Marathon’s Weather Tips: Be Prepared for Anything

It’s no big secret, the weather in Colorado is always changing. Most years it’s sunny and warm on the day of the Colorado Marathon, however, it has snowed a couple times.

Being prepared for any kind of weather can make your Colorado Marathon experience exponentially better. If you’re visiting from another state, we’re here for you to give you some advice on how to pack for The Colorado Marathon this May!

First off, bring a variety of apparel with you. Layers, layers, layers: this is going to be your key to comfort. The weather at the beginning of your race will likely be very different than the weather at the end of your race, especially if you are running a longer distance.  The starting line of the full marathon and the half marathon are up in the Poudre Canyon. Those races begin much earlier in the morning and, as you know, it is colder in the early hours before the sun comes up. Weather up there will be chilly – guaranteed. You can shed as many layers as you like before the start of the race and leave them in your tagged bag in our gear truck.  Your gear will be safe and sound and ready for you to pick up after the race.

Wearing layers will ensure you won’t freeze at the start of your race and while running. However, it’s really important to bring the *right* kind of layers. Steer clear from cotton/poly blends, as they trap the sweat and will cause overheating.  The beauty of layers is you can take things off as you warm up, or as the day becomes warmer. Keep in mind that if you choose to ditch a piece of clothing mid-run, the Colorado Marathon will pick up anything left on the course and donate it to a local non-profit in need of clothes.

Want some suggestions? We’re huge fans of Runners Roost because of the wide variety of running clothes they have to choose from. Head to your local Runners Roost to grab some base layers before May 6th! Also, don’t miss Runners Roost at the expo on May 4th and 5th at the Hilton Fort Collins this year.

Wearing the right pair of pants is also crucial when running in the cold. Try out the Threshold Tights from Brooks Running for a stretchy, cold weather pant. Of course, don’t forget to bring a pair of gloves, a hat, and proper running socks (like any of these) for race day just in case there’s a chill in the air, or sub-freezing temps.

While the chances of May 6th being cold are slim, it is still a possibility. Now, onto the good side of weather preparation: what if it’s WARM and SUNNY on race day?! That would be a dream. If this year’s race day is anything like last year’s, it will be! We had marathoners running shirtless, in sports bras, and in shorts last year. 

Everyone’s dream marathon is to run in the perfect warm weather sans humidity and moisture, and we can only hope for that on May 6th. In order to be prepared, we ask you please bring layers and show up ready for anything on race day. We would suggest saving Fort Collins, Colorado as a favorite on your weather app and check it as you pack and prepare your Colorado Marathon gear. This way you aren’t surprised by whatever weather comes our way that day and you have what you need. Either way, throw in an extra layer or two just in case.

Thank you for keeping up with us here at the Colorado Marathon! We’re so excited to host you in May, and want you to be as prepared as possible to make your marathon experience the best it can be. Stay tuned to our blog right here to get more advice and facts about The Colorado Marathon on May 6th 2018! And if you haven’t registered yet, do so here!