Get To Know The Colorado Marathon’s Race Directors

The Colorado Marathon couldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a few key behind-the-scenes players (or in this case, runners!). The Colorado Marathon has three race directors who organize everything from volunteers to the course map months to years before race day. Get to know your hard-working race directors before you run The Colorado Marathon this year!

Ed Riegert

Meet Ed Riegert, one of the three Race Directors of the Colorado Marathon. His passion for running began in middle school and continued into college during his days on the cross-country and track teams. Ed doesn’t really care where he’s running, just as long as it’s somewhere out on the trails. The great outdoors truly calls to Ed, seeing as he spends most of his free time outside hiking, camping, or backpacking. When asked what superhero power he would prefer, Ed decisively said, he would want to have the ability to be in two places at once. Starting out on the front lines of the Colorado Marathon about eight years ago, Ed began this journey working as the Events Manager at Runners Roost. He started out helping with the Runners Roost booth at the expo and at the finish line of the Colorado Marathon. Today, he has directed the Colorado Marathon for five years and truly loves being able to live his passion daily through work and play.

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Logan Martin

Meet Logan Martin, one of the three Race Directors for The Colorado Marathon. Logan focuses on race logistics, permits, sponsorships, vendors, volunteers, and helps to set up the finish line on race day. Logan’s parents were avid runners, and he’s followed in their footsteps. In college, Logan ran his first 5k alongside a friend, and they had a blast. He ended up running the Chicago half-marathon a year later and has run several more marathons and ultras since. While Logan really enjoys running at Cherry Creek State Park in Denver, his all-time favorite run is near his hometown in Illinois. The 10-mile muddy and hilly trail was designed by his father. Running is definitely a passion of Logan’s: he tried dabbling in triathlons, but ultimately decided that swimming and biking just didn’t bring him as much joy as running. Logan got involved with The Colorado Marathon by helping Runners Roost with special events. At the time, Ed Riegert was the Events Coordinator and would set up the expo and the finish line. He would bring Logan up to help him out every year, and from there, the rest is history. Although flying is Logan’s dream superhero power, running marathons and ultras will fit the bill for now. His ‘grown-up job’ besides working for the Colorado Marathon is the Western Regional Safety Manager for Insperity, so as Logan says, “I’d like to think we have the safest race in Colorado.”

Race Director Bios

Paul Sovik-Siemens

Paul Sovik-Siemens is one of three race directors of the Colorado Marathon. As an avid runner himself, Paul got started with the Colorado Marathon in 2010 as a part of the Runners Roost Expo. There he met the former race directors of the Colorado Marathon, and within three years he became a race director.  Over the past five years, Paul has done a variety of things on race day, ranging from marathon starter to half marathon starter and course setup for the Colorado Marathon. His love for running developed when he was 14 years old after he decided to sign up for the cross-country team to get into shape for basketball season. When Paul isn’t trying to squeeze in a run after work, he’s spending time with his family. His ultimate life goal is to run all six of the world marathon majors, which shouldn’t be difficult since he’s already completed four. If Paul were to have one superhero power, he would want to be able to fly. Here’s to Paul and another incredible five years of being the race director for the best race in Colorado!

Race Director Bios