The Best Post-Run Hacks

We’ve all been there: you get home from a long run and want to curl up into a ball in the hot shower. While your friends and coworkers probably appreciate you taking a shower right after a run, it’s better for your body and mind to throw a few more steps in there. Doing the right things post-run, especially after a long race, can make your marathon experience so much better. Remember – your run isn’t over until you complete your post-run ritual!

The Colorado Marathon is quickly approaching, and we want all of our runners to have a safe and fun time on May 6th. While some post-run rituals are obvious, there are a few that may not be. That’s why we’re here to help! Check out these important post-run hacks that we couldn’t imagine skipping after any long run or race, especially the Colorado Marathon:Post-Run Hacks

    • Grab a Snack and Hydrate: Two of our sponsors, Honey Stinger and Nuun, will be along the course and at the post-race party to help you gain back those electrolytes! Carbs and proteins are going to get your body back to feeling normal if you can stomach food 20-30 minutes after you finish the race. Not feeling up for eating right after? Grab some Nuun Performance to replenish your glycol levels.
    • Stretch: It’s extremely important to stretch post-run! Stretching the muscles you worked the most, like your hamstrings, glutes, calves, quads, and hip flexors, is going to give you the best chance of releasing tension from that long run. Check out these 8 standing post-run stretches.
    • Get a Massage: While we all might not have access to a willing and able masseuse post-run, we still love this hack. A post-run massage will help alleviate the tension and soreness that comes from a long run. The good news? All KP members can stop by the Kaiser Permanente massage chair tent to receive a chair massage after the race!
    • Celebrate!: After you take a few minutes to replenish your electrolytes and glycol levels, we encourage you to grab your free beer from Odell Brewing Company at the post-race party! Nothing says “I just ran the Colorado Marathon” like drinking a pint of local beer in a park near Old Town while listening to live music! Better yet – your first beer is on us (21+)! Just show the folks at the beer tent your bib for your free post-race brewski.Post-Run Hacks
    • Take an Ice Bath: If you have access to a tub after the Colorado Marathon, we encourage you to take an ice bath. Ice baths help reduce inflammation throughout your entire body. If this sounds miserable, find an ice pack to ice any inflamed muscles. Yup – it’s going to be really cold. But just think about the hot shower you’re about to take!
    • Shower Post-Run With Your Clothes On: Running in the heat? Showering with your clothes on is a great hack for warm weather runs (fingers crossed for warm weather on the 6th!). This enables you to give your clothes a good wash before showering your body. We love this hack for folks traveling and unable to do laundry right away.
    • Reflect: Taking the time to reflect on your race experience will give you the chance to think about what you just did and how you did it – which will up your chances of wanting to do a big race like this again! It’s also an excellent way to mentally check-in with how you’re feeling and what your body is craving post-run.
    • Get A Good Night’s Sleep: Getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep post-run is crucial to your physical and mental health. Try buying an eye mask or playing soothing music to ensure you’re getting the rest you need the night after the Colorado Marathon if your mind is still racing. But, if you’re anything like the rest of us, we have a feeling you won’t have any trouble sleeping after the race!

      We’re thrilled to host YOU and your fellow runners from all over the world in less than two weeks! The Colorado Marathon is a long-standing tradition for some, and a new experience for many. Wherever you are in your Colorado Marathon journey, we’re happy you’re joining us for the most beautiful race in Colorado on May 6th. Follow these post-run hacks on race day and during your training for the best run imaginable!